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Replying to your first message

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Online dating is a very popular way of meeting new singles and friends online. People join our dating website to become a part of an online disabled community where singles with different kinds of disabilities are looking to find new friends, dates and take things to the level of dating someone special.

Being a member of DisabledDatePlace is a fantastic opportunity to meet interesting single people that you would not have had the chance meet otherwise. After becoming a member and creating an interesting dating profile, you will experience interest from other singles, you will start receiving messages, winks, chat request, etc. Some of our new members are not used to being in touch with new people and can find it stressful but this is normal. Take a deep breath - we are here to help you and give you some tips on how to act and what to do, so you can turn this new interest towards you in to new friendships and relationships.

Reply back ......

Reply to your messages from other people as soon as you can and don’t play games. Replying to messages after a couple of days is something that singles used to do in the past, but is not popular anymore. Our members are looking to find their perfect matches and if you wait you can miss someone special.

Receiving a message from someone for the first time is something very exciting, that might be the special person that you have been looking for - but don’t panic from the excitement and what the future might hold for you. All you need to do is just answer the questions that the person has asked you and if you are interested ask something back.

Reply to all of the messages you receive - if other singles have spent time and effort to contact you, you should treat them the same way. It’s polite and the right thing to do.

Virtual ‘Wink’

To send a virtual ‘wink’ to someone in online dating means a lot. It’s just a different way to show other singles that you are interested to get in touch with them and to know them better.

If someone ‘winks’ at you ‘wink’ back, that way you can show them that you are serious about online dating and looking to find someone special the same as they are. The more single people you get to know as a member of our dating website the bigger the chance of finding your perfect match is.

Keep it short ......

When you reply to other member’s messages be brief, reply to their questions and keep things to have to talk to them about in the future. Keep it short - reveal enough, and more than is in your profile, but keep interesting things for when you meet them in person. If you tell them everything about you in your messages there will be nothing left to talk about in the future so keep it short.

Be positive ......

We all have hard days and want to share our problem and worries with others. When other members send you messages, chat requests or winks they want to get to know you better and not listen to your problems. So keep a positive tone in your messages and online chat and that way more of our members will want to be in touch with you again.

Great news! Now you are ready to begin your online dating experience and you can get in touch with as many singles members as you want. If you are not a member why not join our dating website now and see who is online. Sending messages and chat requests is very exciting and you meet many interesting singles online.